the band

Out of a sonic bloom of pedal steel, banjo, cello, glockenspiel, musical saw, upright bass, and vibraphone Stellarondo spills out songs about stalkers, roadside anomalies, love, and haunted hotels. Dubbed "astral art folk" by The Missoula Independent, instrumentally and lyrically the group explores both the sweet and the sinister, sometimes finding that only a thin blurry line separates the two. 


The band emerged in Missoula, Montana during winter 2010 when Caroline Keys, a familiar face in the Rocky Mountain and Northwest stringband community, responded to the RPM Challenge by writing and recording an album of original music during the month of February. Keys' solo project quickly evolved into a full band of stalwarts from diverse corners of Missoula's music scene, including players from Broken Valley Roadshow (Caroline Keys and Angie Biehl), Tom Catmull and the Clerics (Travis Yost and Gibson Hartwell) and Wartime Blues (Bethany Joyce).


Stellarondo recorded their first album with Adam Selzer at Type Foundry in Portland, Oregon in September 2010 and it was released in February 2011.