A few days ago we had a year-end Stellarondo lunch.  We celebrated 2012, checked in with the present, and envisioned what we’d like to do in 2013.  Also, we consumed many beets and all but one of us cried.

Celebrating 2012

Looking back, I think the undeclared motto for 2012 might have been “toss out the map.”  What weird, wonderful things we got to do!  Live-score films at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.  Record an album with Rick Bass.  Sing for our rooms at Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, Oregon.  Play at The Vera Project during Northwest Folklife Festival.  Stage a defection at the Canadian border.  Discover that “Parents of Decemberists” might be the most accurate description of our demographic.  Release our collaborative album with Rick Bass at Humanities Montana Festival of the Book.  Score a short film by Vincent Ma.  Open for Pearl Django at Dennison Theatre.  Help send Whitefish Review Issue #12 out into the world.  Score Rick reading “Goodnight Moon” on the sidewalk outside The Wilma.

Checking in with the Present

I think we are all grateful and a little shocked at the amount of support we feel from so many directions.  With apologies to anyone we might leave out, we would like to thank Big Sky Documentary Film Fest, Tom Webster, Mayor John Engen, Doug Hawes-Davis, Patrick Cook, Caitlin Hofmeister, Mike Steinberg, Mike Jones, Ginny Merriam, Cherie Newman, The Wilma crew, Yaak Valley Forest Council, The Dennison Theatre crew, Debbie Joyce, Get Lit! Festival, Adam Selzer, John Askew, Amy Martin, Nate Biehl, Cannery Pier Hotel, Blind Pilot, Bob & Becca Yost, Paul Lestock, Tom Roberston, Kim Anderson, Brian Schott, Montana Radio Company, The Bovey Trust, Vincent Ma, Brooke Swaney, Joe Nickell, The University of Montana Excellence Fund, The Naked Noodle, The Good Medicine Lodge, Montana Arts Council, The Whitefish Review, Humanities Montana Festival of the Book, our families, the sponsors of our shows, and all who backed the creation of our album.  The message we hear from you is “keep going.”


Looking at 2013

This week we will start in on a sonification-of-landscape project with local visual artist and musician Burke Jam.  This piece will be performed at the Music Recital Hall on campus at University of Montana on March 1.  More on that as it develops!

Instrumentation for the Sonification-of-Landscape project is still up for grabs

At the end of January, we will travel to Great Falls with Rick Bass to participate in the Montana Performing Arts Consortium.  We’ll play a 12-minute showcase with hopes of securing future bookings around Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

There was talk of recording a double album: 1/2 songs, 1/2 instrumentals.

One identified Stellarondo need: a cat-free rehearsal space.

In mid-March we are planning a CD Release tour with Rick Bass and Stellarondo– so far it’s looking like we’ll hit Seattle and Astoria, Oregon.  Let us know if there’s a place you’d like to see us play?

As always, we love hearing from you.

Happy New Year!



ps- fabulous photos by Tom Robertson


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